Global Certification

All the Courses guided by Shri Ram Career Institute are fully approved, You are given full assurance about their validity and Recognition.


Books & Stationary

All Recognized Institutes works on an affordable and valuable course Structure, All Stationary and books Material provided by them is approved by the Government.


Affordable & Quality

SRCI shall strive its best to ensure affordable education in environmentally invigorating habitats with inclusive facilities especially for the economically weaker section, low and middle income groups and competitive fee options for the other sections of the society.


Maximum Support

Our team helps student for Direct Admission in India’s best Universities with lowest Course-fee, providing free Hostel facilities to top ranked students.


Theory Practical & Viva

In all the technical or practical courses offered at SRCI, the Institute also provides precise guidance on appropriate or valuable practical theories or Viva’s topics.


Counseling & Guidance

Shree Ram Career Institute have well educated and specialist Career Counselors, helps to Select a better Course with best University.

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